These women are floating around our daily physical world as ‘images’. It is an unmovable fact that they constantly come back to us, as if ghosts that can easily pass through thick brick walls. The way they approach to us is this way. — Duplicating images as hundreds and thousands spectrum, without any ranking, without any differentiation.- Among these images, we cannot identify which is real. We can only guess just through analogy of the penetrating points of these numerous duplicate images. However, wherever the points you may get to/arrive at, this is also the one of the duplicated point. If the ground set up were, from the very beginning, painting them, on the spot, admitting the ‘movement of being lost’, and never-getting to the true identity of these women, then, there surely will appear as brush stroke or expressed residual evidence. If only the image were expressed as such, they will try to have any certain form with whole lot of repeated trials-and-errors process, as ‘ghost’ image. Now the main subject becomes or transforms into ‘painting’ from ’these women’. This perpetually being lost and the attitudes without any certainty to the main subject will earn you the other attitude with eyes which can view the entirely different world paradoxically.


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